Muslim Youth Association
Muslim Youth Association (MYA) mission statement is to serve Allah and the community through the principals laid out in the Quran, Hadith, and Sunnah. MYA shall strive to spread the deen of Islam to the community, while providing a social Muslim network in which youth can express their beliefs, ideas, and activities in hopes of getting closer to Allah. We shall not nor do we believe in promoting ideas that go against Islam as those of the group. We will create an atmosphere in which youth can convene socially and academically to teach each other about Islam and promote the teachings of Allah and his prophets. We will provide a haven from the temptation of society that promotes non-Islamic ideas. 


1. Educational Awareness

The association would help its members learn about Islam as laid out in the Quran, Hadith, and Sunnah in order to get closer to Allah. We shall act as a referral service to the members, referring them to the appropriate book, website, or person.

2. Cultural Awareness

The association would focus on increasing the awareness of diversity and multi-cultural aspects of Islam. We are dedicated to our commitment to share the wealth and greatness of Islam with the community.

3. Social Awareness

The association will encourage interaction between Muslim Youth Association members and those of the community of different races and religions. We will strive to make the association a meeting place and a tool of instruction and learning in which people from various background will meet, discuss and exchange ideas in the spirit of Islam. MYA will encourage all events that broaden the spheres of Islam.

4. New and Media Awareness

The association will keep an update of the current events that affect the Islamic community. There will be an informal forum at each meeting in which members will discuss the implications of news and media on Islam